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John Cotter

 Judge - WC Land

John Cotter

First, let me say I feel proud to judge the WC event at the 2017 GRCA National Specialty in Salisbury, MD. As we all know, the WC is often the first step our dogs take in competing and showing their hunting and retrieving skills. Both handlers and dogs take such great pride when they successfully retrieve birds on land and in the water. It really demonstrates their genetic background as a hunting dog and is so much fun to watch!

My background is very performance oriented and I have successfully competed in agility, obedience and hunt tests. I have judged the WC at the 2009 and 14 Nationals and the WC/X at the 2012 Western Regional and the 2011 Ft Detroit trials. And recently, my dog Ellie, earned her Master Hunter title.

I hope all competitors will have fun, enjoy the experience and pass the test. And remember to kiss your dog today!


Mario Cilia

Judge - WCX Land

Mario Cilia

First,thank you to GRCA and PVGRC for asking me to judge this years event. Mario has been active in Labrador Retrievers since 1993. He and and his wife, Betty have been active ever since. He began judging in 1999 and has judged many tests as well as the WC/WCX. He was a Regional Director for NAHRA and sat on the board of the Lab Club of the Potomac. He and Betty have titled dogs in Conformation, Hunt Tests, both Retriever and Flushing, Rally and Obedience. He also spends many hours following his dogs thru the fields.


Betty Dust

Judge - WC Water

Betty Dust

Betty has been active with Labrador Retrievers since 1993 when she and her husband purchased their first lab as a hunting companion. The love and interest in Labradors grew quickly and over the years she has been active in lab rescue; 3 labrador retriever clubs, including being on the BOD;showing labs; training their dogs for field, agility, and obedience; and breeding. They trained and titled their first labs in the field in 1998. Betty began judging hunt tests and WC/WCX events in 2008 and plans to continue expanding on her involvement in the field for years to come. Thank you for asking me to judge your hard working dogs.



Judge - WC Water

Marcie Baer V2

Marcie Baer has owned and bred Labs for 40 years and has competed and titled at all levels of retriever hunt tests since 1990. Over her 20 years of judging at all levels, she has had the pleasure of judging in Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Residing in Maryland, she works with humans and animals in the field of acupuncture and holistic wellness. Beyond work and dog training, Marcie also tries to carve out time for kayaking.



Judge - WCX Land

 Virginia Reed v2

Virginia Reed (aka Gin or Ginny) enjoy capturing nature in photos. Banking was a family tradition that I enjoyed but over the many years my most rewarding job has been "grandma." In my childhood my father had registered pointers, the neighbors had standard poodles, English setters, golden retrievers, rough collies, and heinz 57s- I enjoyed the purebred dogs, hunting and showing. When Ron and I married we started out with Afghan Hounds-after our daughters came along I wanted a less care intensive breed, remembering a breed from my childhood we purchased our first Chesapeake Bay Retriever- have had them since 1979. Our kennel name is Port Side Chesapeakes, we have had many great dogs over the years hard to pick one as a favorite- BowDee was one of the first 10 chessies to earn an AKC Junior Hunter title. Cory was a breed champion, master hunter, CD,and placed in a field trial- he was one special boy- happy to be at my side, a bed dog supreme, Cory would lay with his head on Ron's pillow and stretch out length wise on the bed when Ron was night shift but if Ron was home Cory curled into a tight ball a my feet. Cory was always eager to work with Ron in the field. Then there was Breeze- she was invited to hunt many places and as she needed a driver we got to go along with her. Now we have CH/MH/WDQ/** Lefty and his litter mate, Carley- a MH, who has never failed a test she ran. Jan 2017 we added two of Lefty's sons- George and Shady.
To participate in Dog field events one needs helpers (well back when we started there was no hunt test, nor wingers or tossers with electronics) the various events always needed people so we joined up. The AKC was just starting the AKC hunting retriever test programs in 84, it looked like it would be fun so we started in with them. I have been judging the Junior level since 1988 Senior level since the 1990s. It is an honor to be asked to judge for the Golden Retriever Club's National Specialty again. I hope we all have fun and enjoy the dogs doing the original purpose of the breed. Relax, take a deep breath, and remember this is a sport. Lets go have some fun in the field with your dogs.



Judge - WC Land

GRCA national Andrea Kinsler pic

As an owner/handler and partner in Wingshot Retrievers, I have owned dogs all my life but started in hunt testing in December 2006 with my first chocolate lab, and I was hooked! As a novice handler, I wanted to learn all I could about dog behavior and training techniques and realized that one dog was not enough, so soon came dog #2 and both earned AKC Junior titles and stared working on Senior. Eventually Master tests were here and so were two additional dogs, and I loved it all. Working all four dogs was a challenge as each one had to be trained just a bit different. They each have their own personalities, just as they each held a special place in my heart.

It was about this time that I got interested in judging and have been doing so for about 5 years. I have a great time judging. You meet some wonderful people and outstanding dogs. I try to keep in mind while judging how I feel when I am running a test; how the nerves can get to you, and try to make the testing experience a great one for the handler. I want the handler and the dog to be a team out there and I want to see them work together.

It has been 11 years now that I have been training dogs, and even though the original dog that I started this crazy trail with has been gone for a few years now, I love this ride and continue to have a blast.

I have a wonderful mentor and friend in Wingshot Retrievers, Joe Eschert, who has helped from the fundamentals to advanced training, and I feel he has helped me become a better trainer and judge. I also have a great friend, Karen Deman, who is my partner in crime with training and judging. We are always working together with our dogs to get them to the next level. We are two peas in a pod! It is unbelievable how much I have learned from so many other friends and training groups throughout the years as well.

I am the current Corresponding Secretary of the Pinelands Retriever Club of New Jersey and also a member of the First State Retriever Club. I have been married to my husband, Ted, for 23 years, and have two daughters, Ashley and Kirsten, who all lovingly support my dog addiction.

Thank you for the opportunity to judge the Golden Retriever Club of America’s National Specialty.

- Andrea Kinsler



Judge - WC Land

Karen Deman v2

My name is Karen L Deman . I live in New Jersey and have been a AKC Judge since 2011. My love for animals has drawn me to a career of Veterinary Medicine . I am a surgical technician and manage a veterinary hospital. Hard work and determination put my special black lab "Tazz" and I into achieving a Master Title. Running Trials , training retrievers and judging are one of the most rewarding part of my life!

My name is Clay Hasty. I grew up and still live in my hometown of Camden SC. I have been married to my wonderful wife Janet for an amazing 37 years. We have 3 children and 5 grandkids all boys. I first joined the Palmetto Retriever Club in 1982. I am currently the president of PRC. I have been judging AKC hunt tests since September 2003. I also currently own and operate Seegars Mill Kennels. I will always continue to be a help to people and their dogs. Looking forward to meeting everyone at the Golden Nationals.

See you at the line.



Information will be posted on our Volunteers page.