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Bob Squires

Bob Squires

In 1966, after returning from 13 months in Vietnam, and moving to Camp Lejeune, NC, Bob decided to buy a dog. Like many people, he knew nothing about dogs but got lucky with his first German Shepherd. Knowing he should train the dog, he signed up for an obedience training class. Fortunately for Bob, and the dog, the instructor was tremendous. After about 8 weeks of training, he entered his first obedience trial, (there were no matches in the area). In just under 9 months, the dog earned a UD. As Bob soon found out, after training and entering additional dogs, his first dog was especially easy to train.

After a second 13 month tour in Vietnam, Bob ended up in Quantico, VA, and became very active in training. His second German Shepherd and a Miniature Poodle completed their UD’s.

While at Quantico, Bob became one of the founding members of the Marumsco Dog Training Club, serving as Training Director and President. He was also member of the Mattaponi Kennel Club.

From 1969-1970, Bob began judging matches and was approved to judge Novice in the early 1970’s. Around 1975 he was approved to judge Open. Unfortunately, he had little time to judge, as he was transferred to Okinawa, Japan for four years. About a year before moving to Okinawa, Bob purchased his first Doberman and trained her through Utility.

In Okinawa, Bob became very active in the Okinawan/American Kennel Club, functioning as training director and teaching classes. The club put on four trials/matches a year, which required Bob to train members, who had never before seen an obedience trial, to judge Novice through Utility classes.
Bob returned to Quantico in 1980 and continued his membership in the Marumsco Dog Training club. He resumed judging Novice and Open classes and gained approval to judge Utility. At this time he obtained his second Doberman, putting a UD on this dog. In addition he put a CD on a Golden Retriever, which he co-owned.

Bob retired from the Marine Corps in 1983 and took a job in Rochester, NY where he again taught classes and judged. In the middle to late 80’s he was offered and took positions with the American Kennel Club. He held various titles to include Director of Obedience, which included overseeing Obedience, Tracking, and later Agility. While with the AKC he conducted Obedience and Tracking judging seminars across the country. Bob also oversaw two Obedience advisory committees, and assisted with Obedience Invitationals, including the first one, which was held in St Louis, MO.
In 1998 Bob left the American Kennel club. He returned to judging, which he really enjoys, especially when he can renew friendships and meet new people.

In 2015 Bob was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Kennel Club.


 Betsy Horn Humer

 Betsy Horn Humer v2

I’ve been active in the sport of dogs all my life, growing up with Chesapeake Bay Retrievers: training, showing and going to dog shows. My parents established Eastern Waters’ in 1947. When my husband, Rupe, and I established our own household we were given a puppy for Christmas. He was BISS CH Eastern Waters’ Oak, CD,TD, WD – “Oak” became a two-time National Specialty winner.

We lived in New Jersey until 1999 and seventeen years ago moved to the Eastern Shore of Virginia, nestled between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. We like to say we “brought our dogs back to their roots.”

I have been a member of the American Chesapeake Club for over 45 years and currently serve as Judges Education Coordinator to the AKC. I am also on the Board of Directors since 2014. I was AKC Delegate 1997-2006.

I belong to the Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club 2000-present (Board of Directors 2012-2014, 2016-2018), past member of Monmouth County KC (NJ) 1995-2003, Bayshore Companion Dog Club (NJ) 1974 to present – honorary lifetime membership, and the Navesink River Retriever Hunting Club 1992-1999.

I am approved to judge the Sporting Group and Herding Group, Obedience, Rally, J.S. and Best in Show. My judging and breeding priorities are that our breed retains its original purpose and that form should follow function. I apply those priorities to other breeds that I judge. I am passionate about our breed and continue to train and show my own dogs in conformation, companion events and performance events. I usually breed one litter a year (just can’t get out of the whelping box!) and show my own dogs in the Bred-By-Exhibitor Class. In the last five years I have titled a dog in Agility, and two other dogs have earned BN, CD’s and RE titles. I have also owner/handled four dogs to their Championship and Grand Championships in the last five years. My husband’s dog completed his JH title in September at the tests sponsored by the Flat-Coated Retriever Club.

I look forward to judging at your National Specialty Show – I had the pleasure of judging obedience at several Golden Retriever Club Specialty shows in the past: Lenape GRC, Hudson Valley GRC and also PVGRC. It is a special privilege to judge at a National Specialty -- and now it is time to ask, “Are you ready?”


Bonnie Hornfisher

 Bonnie Hornfisher WO glasses download

My journey started when I was 12 years old, I took the family dog to a community obedience class. That led to joining 4-H and earning my first AKC obedience title at age 14. I have titled dogs in obedience, rally, and agility, been active in several therapy dog groups and spent years instructing dog obedience.

Initially our dog companions were purchased from a well-respected AKC breeder. Since 1998, we have adopted and trained dogs that have been abandoned at shelters, rescue groups, or left on the street.

Over the years we have lived in several states (Michigan, Colorado, Iowa, and Tennessee), joined dog clubs and met many wonderful people and dogs.

In 2010, I became an AKC obedience judge. Every step, training, showing, instructing, and judging have enriched my life.
Besides my dogs, I share my life with my husband, Russ, also an obedience and rally judge, and several cats. In my spare time, I work as a pharmacist at a charming independent pharmacy in Plymouth, MI

I am very grateful to have stumbled into dog training and performance events. I have developed lasting relationships and great memories.
Thank you for inviting me to judge your specialty. Best wishes to all exhibitors.


Russ Hornfisher

 RJH portrait

Over thirty years ago I attended dog shows as a reluctant participant. I went only to watch my wife show. When I attended, I read the paper or propped open my briefcase and worked, paying attention to the ring only when my wife was in the ring. It was a very unlikely that I would ever develop into a dog show judge.

In 1985 I earned a Master of Science in Organizational Behavior and Development Degree. Requiring several years of hard work, including writing a thesis, and exposure to learning principles I enjoyed, such as Operant Conditioning and Social Learning Theory. Three years later, in an attempt to get better control of a Golden Retriever puppy, I made a fateful offer, “if you are not able to train the puppy, I will”. Soon after that, I found myself enrolled in an eight hour, Terry Arnold dog obedience seminar, where she lectured in the morning on valuable topics including Operant Conditioning, Social Learning Theory and other valuable principles….I was hooked. Since that time, I have titled dogs in obedience, rally, agility and tracking. I started with dogs we raised from puppies, moved to adopting rescues, then fostering dogs, many with issues developing after a disadvantaged start in life. The combined experience has taught me much about dogs and people. The issues, unique to each dog, make training and earning performance titles both challenging and interesting.

Professionally I have worked in the orthotic and prosthetic industry for over 25 years. The dog training experience has allowed me expand professionally and has led me to develop business related presentations and publish articles with such titles: “How to Treat Your Employees like a Dog”, “Who Moved my Dog Dish?”, “How to Treat You Customers like a Dog”, “Selling like a Dog”, “Overhead Projectors and Golden Retrievers”
Who knew the guy sitting ring side with his head buried in the newspaper would eventually become an AKC obedience and rally judge? I never saw it coming…

I look forward to judging at your specialty. Best wishes to all exhibitors


Information will be posted on our Volunteers page.