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Welcome to the Trophy Sponsorship portion of the webstore for the 2017 GRCA National!  Here you can browse for available trophies to sponsor, make your selections, compose a dedication (if desired), and pay for your sponsorship, all in one place.  Please read the following information about trophy sponsorship carefully before proceeding.  Thank you for being a sponsor!

1. In most cases, you will be sponsoring all of the placements within a particular class. For example, if you select Obedience Utility B, you will be sponsoring the trophies for first, second, third, and fourth place for that particular event and class. In a few cases, you can sponsor just one placement.  These will be clearly indicated in the write-up for those events.

2. If you would like to donate to the trophies but not to any specific trophy, you can donate to the trophies general fund.  You do this using the RSVP form, which will be published soon.  The RSVP form will be available for download, and there will also be an RSVP section of the webstore.

3. You can also choose to go in with other people and pool your sponsorship.  So, for example, in the case of Obedience Utility B, four persons could share the sponsorship.  One person would make the purchase, but you can indicate all the participants (or all of the dogs or persons to whom the tropies are dedicated) in the dedication wording you compose.

4. Once you have selected a trophy or group of trophies to sponsor, and have added them to your cart, you will have an opportunity to compose the wording you would like to have associated with your donation/sponsorship.  You can have different text for different trophies.

5. Please note that the term "trophy" is applied here very broadly to many different recognition objects that have been selected for award to exhibitors who distinguish themselves and their dogs at particular events, 

6. The following list of trophies have been pre-sponsored prior to becoming available in the Trophy Sponsorship Webstore.  Please consider sponsoring a trophy for one of the other events.

  • Best of Breed
  • Best of Opposite Sex
  • Best of Winners
  • Select Dog
  • Select Bitch
  • Winners Dog
  • Winners Bitch
  • Reserve Winners Dog
  • Reserve Winners Bitch
  • Best Puppy
  • Best Veteran
  • Best Junior
  • Certain Regular Classes in Conformation
  • Certain Non-Regular Classes in Conformation

7.  Trophy sponsorships must be purchased no later than August 5, 2017 in order to be included in the catalog.  Sponsorships purchased after that date will not be listed in the show catalog.

Go to the Trophy Sponsorship Webstore.


Information will be posted on our Volunteers page.